Develop Your Legacy ®

The perfect online interactive development tool for your sports club

A successful sports club is vibrant through opportunity and visible though capability. Develop Your Legacy® is an interactive knowledge library and club cloud that can be used as a development tool enabling your club to assemble, work through and deliver their own continuous development strategies as well as future proofing your club through succession planning.

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3 stages to Develop Your Legacy ®

Lay the foundations

This is the heartbeat of your club and if solid foundations are laid your club will be able to build on its personality and legacy which will lead to continuous development and improvement.

Build the structure

Focus on building the support structure for your club members, volunteers and staff, ensuring ongoing capability to meet operational needs and expectations.

Cement the legacy

Forward thinking is essential to Develop Your Legacy. It is all about standing out from the crowd and with strong foundations and support structure; your club can look to the future to develop, grow and improve.

Develop your capability
Filter by club role
Create your custom manuals
Create your Club Cloud
Download and customise new documents
Access best practice templates and guidance

How it works

Your club should be the hub of development and the most effective method of delivery in the long term for sport in the community

Search downloadable templates and adapt or upload existing documents
Save to your Club Cloud
Complete the three stages to secure your future and Develop Your Legacy ®

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